Scheduling Mix-flows in Commodity Datacenters with Karuna


Cloud applications generate a mix of flows with and without deadlines. Scheduling such mix-flows is a key challenge; our experiments show that trivially combining existing schemes for deadline/non-deadline flows is problematic. For example, prioritizing deadline flows hurts flow completion time (FCT) for non-deadline flows, with minor improvement for deadline miss rate. We present Karuna, a first systematic solution for scheduling mix-flows. Our key insight is that deadline flows should meet their deadlines while minimally impacting the FCT of non-deadline flows. To achieve this goal, we design a novel Minimal-impact Congestion control Protocol (MCP) that handles deadline flows with as little bandwidth as possible. For non-deadline flows, we extend an existing FCT minimization scheme to schedule flows with known and unknown sizes. Karuna requires no switch modifications and is backward compatible with legacy TCP/IP stacks. Our testbed experiments and simulations show that Karuna effectively schedules mix-flows, for example, reducing the 95th percentile FCT of non-deadline flows by up to 47.78% at high load compared to pFabric, while maintaining low (<5.8%) deadline miss rate.

Proceedings of the 2016 conference on ACM SIGCOMM 2016 Conference