SALT: Sensing enabled localization and tracking for geolocation database in TV white space


Localization is the enabling technology of geolocation database assisted Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) in TV White Space (TVWS), as the location is required in the implementation of geolocation database approach by regulators such as FCC and Ofcom. This paper proposes a novel Sensing enAbled Localization and Tracking (SALT) system, which locates Secondary Users (SUs) and tracks their movements. In particular, the system localize SUs based on their measurement of Primary User (PU) signals in the TV spectrum. SALT also uses the SU movement information to dynamically manage the available spectrum with an optimal spectrum allocation algorithm based on the location estimation, so as to maximize the uplink throughput of the entire network. The performance of the proposed localization and tracking algorithm is verified with field measurement data from complex environment through extensive experimentation.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 2013 9th International